ABC Games: Spray the Letter

J, who is almost 4, does pretty well with letters, but he still gets some confused from time to time, so I like to do Alphabet games with him every once in a while to reinforce it a bit.

ABC Games Letter Spray

The weather is starting to warm up, so I decided to take him outside for a little game with ABC’s.

Like most of my activities, this was really simple.

I hung up a big piece of white paper on our fence, and wrote letters with washable markers.

ABC Games Letter Spray

I then handed him a spray bottle of water and asked him to spray certain letters.

ABC Games Letter Spray

He was excited to see that the letters started to drip and melt off the page.  He thought it was “way cool”, and sprayed the heck out of the rest of the paper.

ABC Games Letter Spray

He ended up not really caring much about naming the letters.  He just wanted to make them drip and disappear.  We did talk about each letter as I wrote it though, so he got some practice.

ABC Games Letter Spray

Sometimes activities don’t quite go the way you expect them too…oh well.  We still had fun and we did practice letters, so that totally counts as a success in my book!


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  1. says

    I was just looking for an activity with squirt bottles too! I’m not a teacher but I think just being exposed to the letters is beneficial. Even if they’re not consciously naming them, I believe it’s still sinking in. : )

    • Amanda says

      I’m not a teacher either, but I do know that exposing kids to letters is the fist step for reading. I think it’s still sinking in too 😉


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