Candy Cane Hunt

My family has an advent calendar that I keep up with during the month of December.  Every day we do some sort of holiday activity.  Some are really simple, and others are a bit more complex.

Candy Cane Christmas activities, like this candy cane hunt, have so far been our favorite activity.

A fun Christmas activity that the whole family will enjoy!  Let's go on a Candy Cane Hunt!


It was so much fun for both my three year old and me.  While J was eating breakfast I hid 16 candy canes in our living room and playroom.  Some were out in the open and others were a more cleverly hidden.

Holiday Fun: Candy Cane Hunt

I gave J a holiday themed gift bag and asked him to hunt for the candy canes.  He searched and searched and when he thought he found them all, we sat down and counted our candy canes.

Holiday Fun: Candy Cane Hunt

He counted them and then we able to figure out how many more he had left to find.  It was neat watching him work out simple math skills.

Holiday Traditions: Candy Cane Hunt

Once he found all the candy canes, he sent me out of the room and hid the candy canes fore me to find.

Holiday Traditions: Candy Cane Hunt

It took him some time to hide each candy cane, but he was able to come up with some really clever hiding places.

Holiday Tradition: Candy Cane Hunt

Some places were so good that it took me a long while to find the last 3 candy canes he hid. We played over and over again, taking turns on hiding the candy canes, all morning long.

A fun Christmas activity that the whole family will enjoy!  Let's go on a Candy Cane Hunt!


Sure this game is fun but it’s great for problem solving, math, and critical thinking skills.

This activity was so successful that I plan on making it a yearly tradition!

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