Logic Apps for Preschoolers

I’m not totally against a bit of screen time for kids, and some educational apps now and again can be good.  Everyone always talks about how great educational apps are.  But, have you ever thought of finding some great logic apps for preschoolers?

I find that these logic apps are not only great for my 4 year old to practice his problem solving skills, but I enjoy playing the too.  Personally, educational games aren’t all that fun for me, but I’m all over Cut the Rope!

We can sit down together and spend some quality time doing something we both enjoy.

It’s a fun few minutes that we get to connect, and he learns a lot!

Logic Apps for Preschoolers.

So, here are my Top 3 Favorite Logic Apps that I play with J.

This is not a sponsored post…I just LOVE these apps

Cut the Rope

The premise behind this game is that you have to cut the rope to feed the monster-guy a piece of candy.  The candy can be placed in bubbles to float, or swung across the screen on sliders.  There are blades that can cut the rope when you’re not ready.

It’s challenging.  Very challenging.

But you know what?  He’s really good at it.  He sits there, examines the puzzle, and thinks about how to solve it.  It might take him several times and lots of trial and error, but he gets it.

Find it here on Android and Apple

Pudding Monsters

This game is so much fun!  Seriously, it makes J giggle every single time we play.

The challenge of this game is to get all the individual pudding monsters to join together to make one big monster by sliding them into each other.  There are no sides to the “table” that the monsters sit on, so it’s easy to slide the monsters right off the side.  Then you’d have to start all over again.

The real trick is that you have to cover up the stars that are placed on the table with the monster.  The more stars you cover, the better.

This game requires lots of thinking and planning.  J’s favorite part however, is watching the monsters fly off the table.  Makes him giggle every time!

Find it here on Android and Apple

Angry Birds

An oldie but a goodie.  J really loves Angry Birds, and he’s pretty good at it.  He mainly just likes that the birds crash into things.

If you don’t know Angry Birds, here’s how it works.

Basically, you put a bird in a sling shot and you aim the bird at a structure with pigs inside.  As the structure falls, due to being hit by the bird, the pigs get smushed.  The goal is to smush all the pigs before you run out of birds.

J likes making the birds smash into things.  He thinks it’s hilarious!

Find it on Android and Apple

Logic Apps for Preschoolers

The reason I like these games so much, is  that we get to play together.  He cuddles up right beside me and we giggle at the monsters sliding off the table, we talk about when to cut the rope, and we try to decide the best place to launch the bird.

We connect.

We learn.

We laugh.

We play.

Who knew a tablet would be so good for relationship building?

Do you have any apps that you love to play with your kids?


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