DIY Fine Motor Skills Craft for Kids

J has really been into matching and sorting things these days.  He loves playing Memory and looks for pairs all over the place.  So I decided to make him a fine motor skills craft for him that also encompassed sorting skills.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think up a fun matching or sorting game for him.  I finally came up with one the other day when we were upstairs going through our craft closet.

DIY Fine Motor Sorting Activity for Kids

I saw my container of pompoms, and it hit me.  They reminded me of a post I saw the other day from Four Little Piglets, and knew I had to make him a colored pom pom color drop.  I did ours a bit differently than she did, mainly because I threw it together in seconds, but it turned out great!

pom poms, sorting, preschool, pom pom drop

I took a few of or cardboard tubes (I cut paper towel rolls in half) and wrapped them in colored construction paper.  I taped them together with a polka dotted packing tape to make them cute.  I taped them together in the back, but they didn’t stay together very well.  So later, I glued them together with hot glue.  I placed the tubes and matching pom poms in a wooden tray I had on hand.  I gave J a pair of tongs and let him sort.

pom pom, fine motor, preschool

I didn’t have to explain a thing, he knew exactly what to do.

pom pom, preschool, fine motor, preschool play

He wasn’t too interested in using the togs.  That’s ok though because using his fingers really works his fine motor skills.

pom pom, preschool play, color sort

I love watching J use his mind to figure out puzzles, sort colors, and find pairs.  It’s really neat to see how he just “gets it” all of a sudden.

pom pom, preschool play, fine motor skills

“I did it…all by myself!”  So proud his his accomplishments!

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